Our Team

Our founder was the first person in the State of Vermont to carry all three trade licenses and certifications for fire safety. Although retired, he continues to help build Vermont Life Safety’s Team with highly skilled and experienced workers.

Our technicians have been administers licenses and certifications through the Division of Fire Safety to maintain professional level of technical knowledge, these include but are not limited to Eletrical Masters, T1, T2 and T3 Certifications. Most licensing and certification programs require continuing education to keep current with code changes and emerging technology. 

Leigh Sykes
CEO and founder

Leigh has 35 years of experience in the fire safety and security industry. He was the first person in Vermont to hold T1, T2, and T3 licenses and certifications in all three of the major fire safety areas.


Mike Poirier

Mike is a graduate of University of Vermont School of Business and has over 15 years of management experience in the commercial fire safety and security Industry.

Geoffrey L. Sykes
Senior Vp

Operations Manager of the southern office in Claremont, NH. 

Location: Claremont Office

Brian C. Bluto
VP of Service

Operations Manager of the northern office in Bolton, VT. Brian has been with VLS since its inception providing expert electronics service throughout the northeast. In addition to his encyclopedic knowledge of security and alarm systems, Brian is an avid sportsman and race fan.

Location: Bolton Office



Brad Bushey
Since 2010, Fire Alarm Technician
Location: Bolton Office

Connor Lucas
Since 2017, Apprentice
Location: Bolton Office

Jeremy Ford
Since 2010, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, Suppression, and Backflow Technician
Location: Claremont Office

Mike Langhans
Since 2009, Sprinkler and Backflow Technician
Location: Claremont Office

Dennis Roberts
Since 2019, Fire alarm tech Technician
Location: Claremont Office

Aleigh Sykes
Since 2019, Apprentice/Admin
Location: Claremont Office

Ryan Hammond
Since 2012, Fire Alarm Technician
Location: Claremont Office

Ryan McAvoy
Since 2015, Sprinkler and Backflow Technician
Location: Claremont Office

Hunter Grela
Since 2017,  Fire Extinguisher Technician
Location: Claremont Office

Justin Barbour
Since 2014, Fire Alarm Technician
Location: Claremont Office

Jeremy Steele
Since 2018, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, Suppression and Backflow Technician Location: Bolton Office

Tony Wheelock
Since 2019, Apprentice Location: Bolton Office