Sprinkler System



+ Do all fire sprinkler heads activate in the event of a fire?

No, each fire sprinkler head can be individually activated when the heat of a flame is present; on average only 1 or 2 sprinklers are activated during a fire thus extinguishing the fire in a matter of seconds. Residential fire sprinklers discharge approximately 12-25 gallons of water per minute versus the fire department's 250-500 gallons a minute.

+ Difference between monitoring of sprinkler and a full fire alarm system?

Based on the type of occupancy where a sprinkler system is required by code, it will also most likley require the sprinkler system to be electrically supervised by a fire alarm system. The fire alarm system is required to send signals to a supervising station, which will then notify first responders. A full fire alarm system including notification appliances in the building to notify the occupants is separately required in the building codes based on occupancy type

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