Fire Safety Services


Fire Safety Isn't Optional 

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a fire department had to respond to a fire every 23 seconds in 2015.

Businesses of all sizes have depended on and trusted VLS for over 20 years. We understand that a business is much more than just a building. It is strong ideas, values, hardworking individuals, and a drive for excellence resulting in outstanding products & services. It is these vital things that push us to work harder every day to ensure that the businesses we protect receive the finest service, products, and maintenance to keep them going strong. 

Learn more about how our team can keep your building up-to-code below, and be sure to check out all the products and services we can provide your facility as shown on the left. Current codes require annual tests and inspections to be performed on all types of fire safety systems. Inspections and monitoring not only ensure your assets and employees stay safe but can lower insurance costs and are also legally required.

Vermont Life Safety technicians are licensed and trained to work with all types of fire alarm systems. From repairs, installations and continued inspections, our priority is making sure your business is properly equipped.



Fire Detection Systems offer solutions that provide quick detection of fire or smoke, allowing you time to organize an orderly, efficient evacuation.  Early detection can also help mitigate property loss and damage by facilitating a quicker response from local fire fighters.  Our fire detection systems are tailored to the needs of each individual facility with features that promote quick and comprehensive detection and response.  We can integrate our systems with automated fire suppression systems as needed.  Our services include:

  • Complete Fire Alarm Installations, Retrofits, and Replacements

  • Annual Inspections, Reports and Service Plans

  • Voice Evacuation Systems, Distributed Voice Systems / ECS

  • Mass Notification Alarms

  • Cellular or IP Communications

  • Burlington, Hartford and Claremont City Radio Box Installations

  • Commercial Monitoring Services

  • Local 24-hour “UL Listed” Monitoring Services through HSMC

  • NFPA Complaint Systems and Designs

  • ADA Complaint Designs and Notification

  • Vermont Life Safety can Inspect and provide limited repairs the following manufacturers:

    • Gamewell-FCI

    • Advanced

    • Silent Knight

    • Edwards (EST)

    • Notifier

    • Siemens

    • BOSCH

    • ESL

    • Fire-Lite

    • Mircom

    • SIG-COM

    • Potter

    • System Sensor

    • Wheelock

    • Gentex

Our Typical Maintenance Schedule

  • 1-year fire alarm control panels

  • 1-year initiating devices

  • 1-year alarm communication equipment

  • 1-year remote annunciators (most local and state regulations require at least an annual inspection.)

  • 2-year smoke detection devices need to have a sensitivity test as well as a functional test. (Fire code mandate)

  • 4-5 Years panel batterie replacement from year from date of manufacturing.

Fire alarm panel repair

Radio Boxes & 24/7 Monitoring

Radio boxes are weatherproof electrical boxes that communicate any signals from a facility’s alarm system to the appropriate emergency dispatch office.

We are a certified dealer for AES Radio Boxes for commercial facilities, and we monitor all types of alarm systems at a UL-listed central alarm station.

We’ll install and maintain your radio boxes, so you can be confident your fire alarm system is always successfully alerting firefighters if activated.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lights and emergency exit lighting are essential for preventing panic and providing guidance in an evacuation. VLS can test, inspect, and replace emergency lighting so it continues to provide crucial navigation assistance.

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