Commercial Security Systems! Its time to upgrade.

A security system for your business provides peace of mind, lower insurance rates and a safer work environment. For homes and small residential buildings, an off the shelf home security system might get the job done but for companies with large physical locations and higher number of employees and assets, upgrading to a modern commercial security system that's professionally installed and monitored is necessary, especially if you currently have a landline system.

Integrated systems can be configured to perform various functions such as:

  • Access control

  • Real time audio and video

  • Fire, heat, water, and entry emergency alarms

  • HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, lighting, equipment)

With the technology shift to cellular and IP communications, the designs and functionality of security systems will soar over the next 10 years. Customizing a system to fit your needs is easier with the ability to combine some different packages, makes and models. There are a number of national alarm and security manufacturers and distributors as well as thousands of local affordable vendors such as Vermont Life Safety in Bolton, Vermont.

Both regional and local vendors like Vermont Life Safety have technicians that are trained  to understand the installation and operation of all products that they carry. Vermont Life Safety represents leading manufacturer of commercial security system hardware and software including,

  • Digital Watch Dog

  • Bosch

  • Honeywell

  • Siemens

All of these manufacturers especially Bosch and Honeywell are able to create a more customizable system for their customer, one that can be internally upgradable. Once the host panel is set up and programmed it can go untouched, the technology inside of the module can be changed in a matter of seconds. Whether its retrofitting an existing system or installing a new system, wireless, plug and play modules reduce costs on labor and increase the reliability and versatility of the system.

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