Fire Safety Tips For Restaurant Owners

With summer upon us, large amounts of tourists and enlivened locals are out and about experiencing Vermont's stunning beauty and vibrant food culture. Warm weather months tend be the busy season for restaurants and therefore its crucial for them to be prepared for the masses that keep them in business. Before all else, restaurant owners and staff should be proactive about fire safety and the preventive maintenance. Bustling staff crammed into a kitchen full of open flames, hot stove tops, electrical connections, cooking oils, and cleaning chemicals is a recipe for disaster. So take fire safety more seriously this summer and give your customers, employees and yourself peace of mind during those busy summer evenings.

Fire Suppression Systems! 


This is the most crucial aspect of fire safety in a industrial kitchen is the fire suppression system. These systems automatically dispense chemicals to suppress flames and shut down the fuel or electrical supply to the nearby cooking equipment. These are required to be professionally inspected semiannually. Vermont Life Safety is a authorized distributor for inspection and maintenance of all types of kitchen hood suppression systems.


Fire Extinguishers!


Most restaurants kitchens require Class K extinguishers for fires involving oils, grease and chemicals. These are intended to be used after the activation of the built in kitchen suppression system incase the fire cannot be tamed. Class ABC extinguishers should be elsewhere for all other types of fires such as paper, wood, plastic or electrical. These should be inspected and tag every month to insure the extinguisher is charged properly by performing a chemical stir to prevent compaction of powder extinguishing agent. All extinguishers should have a professional 6 and 12 year tear down. The 6 year includes removal of the extinguishing agent, replacement of worn parts, refilled and pressurize, certification tagging and rehanging. The 12 year includes pressure testing of an extinguishers critical components (cylinder, shell, hose assembly, etc.) for leaks and structural flaws by pressurizing them with a liquid. Certification tagging and rehanging. Vermont Life Safety offers inspections, sales and service on all types of extinguishers and often at a much lower price then competitors.

On top of this, all employees should be properly educated on how to use a fire extinguisher. Holding semi annual meetings for employees to familiarize themselves with locations of extinguishers and proper technique of distinguishing a flame would be a great idea especially with seasonal staff joining for busy summer months.


Keep the exits clear!


Although this is an obvious safety precaution, many kitchens fail to abide by it during the most vulnerable times. Done wait till am emergency strikes, make sure emergency lights are working and signs are visible. Make sure employees keep all exit doors clear of boxes, trays, wet floors, etc. is crucial to the safety of them and customers in the emergency procedure.  

There is no excuse for not performing fire safety measures like these, no matter how busy your restaurant may be, it cannot be overlooked. Here at Vermont Life Safety, we have all the fire safety services your restaurant needs. From kitchen suppression systems and extinguishers, to fire alarms and sprinklers, one call does it all.