The Importance of Fire Protection in hospitality Industry.

According to the USFA, there are over 3,900 fires in hotels and motels each year. This staggering statistic underlines the importance of fire protection for these locations. Every hotel owner and their employees should be educated in fire safety to take the proper steps to help prevent disasters.   

Fire Alarm Systems


All hotels must have functional fire alarm systems. This is a system of interconnected devices such as smoke detectors, pull stations, horns, strobes, automatic door holders and much more. These types of devices should be install in every unit in every room including common areas and all non-guest spaces. If they are installed in compliance with nationally recognized standards, the alarm system will alert guests who are at risk. It is also important that the alarm system be monitored off-site by a qualified organization. An example is a Central Station Alarm company such as Stowe Central Station Monitoring. When the alarm is activated early enough, whether automatically or manually, it will give all occupants more time to evacuate the building. The building manager or facilities director is usually responsible for ensuring that all fire alarms are in working order on a daily basis and that they are regularly inspected and tested by the fire protection partners like Vermont Life Safety LLC.

Fire Extinguishers


Fire extinguishers should be readily accessible in all areas of the hotel. This means that they need to be in every room, in every hallway, and in the lobby areas. Class A extinguishers should be no farther than 75 ft apart in a large space. Every fire extinguisher needs to be clearly tagged and labeled. If the labels are no longer legible, then they need to be replaced and updated to reflect the latest standards set by the National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA. No matter where the fire extinguishers are located, they should never be blocked by furniture or decorations, and they should never be allowed to remain depleted or be placed in the wrong locations. The fire extinguishers need to be inspected annually by professionals for tracking the extinguishers age, checking for signs of low pressure, leaks, dents or anything that could interfere with their operation.

Fire Sprinklers  


Functional fire sprinklers are just as important as properly charged fire extinguishers. Fire sprinklers can be in many cases the only  contain fires and prevent them from spreading to other parts of the hotel. For this reason, hotel managers need to stay in contact with emergency service fire protection providers  like Vermont Life Safety to verify that all fire sprinklers are working.

Hotel managers should schedule sprinkler inspections annually or semi annually and have the inspections and testing done according to NFPA 25, which is the Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. It is vital to retain all records of the most recent fire sprinkler inspections and tests for at least one year and be prepared to show these records to both insurance and hotel owners upon request.

Fire Prevention and Protection Services from Vermont Life Safety.

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